Objects of Use, Oxford

Objects of Use, Oxford 1

I’m always on the lookout for shops and places displaying honest well-made objects which are both functional and visually appealing. I often find myself taking the simplest of objects and being immersed in the details and intricacies within. The ones which look great on a shelf and do an equally impressive job doing what they’ve been made to do.

One shop I came across which instantly caught my eye was Objects of Use in Oxford, England. The style of their products is similar to that of Labour and Wait in London, but with slight differences. Its always interesting to see alternate takes on the same kinds of objects. The pieces they sell are certainly built to last, using timeless design. The shop is against the idea of ‘throwayism’ and aims to source local products which use low-impact production methods and natural materials. Everything in the shop is sourced very specifically from designs all the way through the 20th century to the present. Each piece has some history attached to it, which gives you a nice insight into who created it and brings the object to life.

This store seems to reflects a way of living which concentrates on the purity and importance of the way we do and create things. I am interested in the way we perform everyday tasks and what we use for this. Although a workman should never blame his tools, it can often be what we own which guides us in doing certain things and acting in certain ways. The tools and pieces at Objects of Use are quite simple and basic, but it is up to us to take these objects and give them character. After usage over time these pieces will continue to increase in style. I’m sure you’ll get immersed in the selection of objects over on their website, each object also has a detailed description to read and research.


Objects of Use, Oxford 2

Objects of Use, Oxford 3

Objects of Use, Oxford 4

Objects of Use, Oxford 5

Objects of Use, Oxford 6

White Glazed Berry Bowl by Jude Allman

Objects of Use, Oxford 7

Sarpaneva Casserole 1960 by Timo Sarpaneva

Objects of Use, Oxford 8

Antelope Chair 1951 by Ernest Race

Objects of Use, Oxford 9

Lovisa Bathing Brush by Iris Hantverk Workshops


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