Metsa Spring Summer 2013 Collection


It’s been a long time since I’ve mentioned any clothing here on the site, but I feel like this is a unique collection that’s very much in tune with our own ethos. Metsa isn’t a new project by any means, we put together an interview with owner Markus Uran back in 2011 that’s definitely worth checking out if you’ve got a spare few minutes. I’ve kept in touch with Markus over the years and I’ve always been interested in their ideology, also the concept that they’re pursuing. Markus is much like myself in many ways, and comes from a design orientated background, so his perception is quite unique for that of a clothing designer. He lets the quality of the clothing speak for itself and keeps it simplified in terms of aesthetic and look. So I decided to present their newest lookbook to switch it up a little, which I thought featured some fantastic lifestyle imagery thanks to talented photographer Scott Ramsay.

This new lookbook for Spring/Summer 2013 was photographed North of Toronto at the Metsa Maja, where Markus hand dyes a lot of the collection himself. I have to say the model, who goes by the name of Glenn Hatananka, very much suits the whole feel of the brand, and makes a definite connection with the surrounding natural area. One thing Metsa do well is using handmade techniques in a positive way, to instill quality and detailing into each garment, also to add character and value. It’s not often you come across traditional handiwork when it comes to clothing, often in the fashion industry you have this throw away mentality where things go in and out of style so quickly, but Metsa revolt against that trend. They make things to last and with longevity in mind, a timeless alternative to the lesser-quality clothing on the market. Great to see them going against the grain. I hope you enjoy the photography below and you’ll go on to the Metsa website to read/view more.