In the Shop: Handmade Leather Goods & Accessories by Makr


I’ve just realised that we’ve had a number of new arrivals in the shop over the last month, but I haven’t really made any of you aware of their presence. Often I get called out for this through email by other readers, so I’ve been trying hard to fit these type of posts in to the schedule on a regular basis. This week I’m highlighting a selection of new accessories that have arrived by Makr, all handmade at their studio in Winter Park, Florida. If you want some background information on Makr I would recommend reading through this in-depth feature by grain&gram, where they interview owner and founder Jason Gregory.

I’ve been friends with Jason for many years now, and it’s been fantastic to watch his business grow. Much like ourselves, the whole brand has really matured and stepped up that extra level, now also focusing on small furniture pieces and will hopefully expand their workshop to a full-blown design studio in the future. A few of my favourite items this time around have to be the Bark Chromexcel pieces (seen above for example) which have a rich natural brown colour, with lighter shades here and there to add a real texture all over. Obviously, I haven’t tested one myself yet, but I do own one of the Walnut Utica wallets (fifth image from the top) and it has turned a lovely deep shade of brown. It’s amazing to see the change over time, and I’m sure the ones presented here and in the shop will do exactly the same thing depending on how they’re used and handled. A natural product is always a work in progress and will definitely get better with age, thus being a good investment for years to come. Here’s a few snaps of the products for you to admire and enjoy. I hope you have a great week and will keep checking back to the shop for future releases.

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