New Venus Collection – Marble Furniture by French Designer Francesco Balzano

Metalwork has the unique property of changing and developing over time. I think the use of metal has had a particular resurgence in architecture, with many architects using metal that either oxidises very quickly or has been pre-treated to speed up the effect of this happening. So in contrast to the white angular boxes from the past we are seeing oxidised metal, oranges, and sometimes blue hues that seem to add a unique warmth to a material that’s known as feeling a little cold.

It’s intriguing then to think that just this process of oxidising alone can add a whole new property to the original material. So with this thought in mind I was interested in this work by Francesco Balzano, a French designer who has been constructing a series of unique furniture from marble, using textures in the marble to bring out a similar warmth in his work. The ‘New_Venus’ collection is a set of light blue furniture with interesting colours scattered throughout. The furniture has super thin legs and a thin table top, plus the use of orange, blues and greens, they are really interesting pieces of design that could almost pass as sculpture instead of furniture.

The fusion between functional and sculptural has never been tested more, so I applaud Francesco for trying his best to go against the grain and create a series that has a particular style and aesthetic. This furniture, mixed with some modern architecture, could be a real match and a nice contrast to the often sleek and minimalist interior. Here are a few of my favourites from his portfolio, more can be seen on the link below. Enjoy.


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