Microarchitectures – TuttoSesto Table Collection by Davide G Aquini

Recently I’ve been photographing many modern builds and have been trying to capture shadows and different textures. That’s probably why I’m so attracted to concrete as a material for building. The matte appearance seems to have unique textures that hold the shadows really well, almost in a mysterious way that creates a unique atmosphere.

That seems to be why I was drawn to this series of coffee tables by Italian designer Davide G. Aquini. His goal was to make them look like ‘microarchitectures’ by using geometric shapes and materials often found in modern architecture to create architectural shapes that are aesthetically pleasing but functional. The tables have been constructed from travertine and have been paired with a vibrant deep blue to create a strong contrast.

Intriguingly, despite producing a series that is modern in style Davide actually used Roman architecture as a source of inspiration for his work. For example the round arches used on two of the tables and the stone plinth on the taller table. Overall a really nice collection that’s worth exploring on his website below. It’s also interesting to note that Davide’s background is as a graphic designer which I think definitely helps with his visual sensibility.



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