The Whole Side Table – Variations of a Flat Pack Design by Luur Studio


I think it’s intriguing how I can flick from one area in a subject to the next in such a short space of time. It wasn’t long ago that I was discussing the simplicity in a natural object, letting nature play its part in dictating the final form. Basically you have an unpredictable element running throughout. On the opposite end of the scale you have work like this, which has been designed almost in an architectural style and slots together like a jigsaw.

Produced by design studio Luur, which is headed by American designer Christopher Stuart, this specific collection is titled “The Whole Side Table” and consists of three variations on a flatpack design. With no hardware, and using only the wooden sections that the table are made from, you are able to assemble and disassemble this smart piece of design in no time. It’s also interesting how the user has to put this together, sealing that connection between object and human.

I’m pretty sure I was drawn to this for the concept and the functional element. But delving deeper in to the studio and their work it becomes apparent that they have a respect for craft and look to talented designers and makers in their vicinity to produce a lot of their furniture and homewares. Here’s a selection of imagery from this project, more like this can be found on their portfolio linked below. Enjoy.