Combining Cultures – Furniture by Japanese Designer Yukari Hotta


I’ve been thinking about the importance of experiencing different cultures and how this plays a part on the mentality of the designer. If you really want to reach a wide demographic you need to experience first hand the different cultures and gain inspiration from them. I was pulled towards this work by Japanese designer Yukari Hotta, who designs furniture in Denmark.

She moved from Japan in 2003 and began a design education in Denmark, prompted by her interest in the aesthetic principles of Nordic design. I think it’s interesting to note this split personality which can be seen in a lot of her work. Not only do you have the clean cut functionality, which is generally consistent in both cultures, you also have some traditional Japanese elements, like the cloth wrapping and zafu cushions.

Yukari’s work is an interesting blend between attractive and functional design. You can see her own interpretation of the two different cultures across the board, which is no doubt helped thanks to her jumping across and taking different elements from each side. Here’s a few projects from her portfolio, although I urge you to see more on the link below. Enjoy.