New Feature with Japanese Designer Oji Masanori


As you may already know, I don’t really like to rehash old articles for the website. I prefer to bring you something new and unique that is more of a documentation of someone’s work, or working processes, instead of a piece that won’t be of any use in a few months time. One designer that I thought would be a fantastic addition to our feature section is Japanese creative Oji Masanori.

Oji runs his design firm about an hour-long train ride from Tokyo in Kawagoe, the studio itself, titled Oji & Design, was founded in 2004 after many years working as both a graphic designer and an architect. After spending time in these two professions he realised that he was better at designing objects rather than spaces, and that he liked textural things better than flat surfaces. Now Masanori primarily designs household goods meant for practical everyday use. In addition to product design, he also designs the packaging for the goods and carefully selects which craftsman to produce his designs depending on the expertise required. His appreciation for craft and tradition has led him to work on many interesting projects over the years that have since gone on to win awards and other accolades.

I’m positive that there’s others out there like me who’re inspired by similar individuals, and in the future there will be folk like myself who’re on such a path that this could give them a gentle push in the right direction. I hope you enjoy my conversation with Japanese designer Oji Masanori found by clicking the link below.

Click here to read our interview with Oji Masanori →


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