Experiences in Japan – Photography by Claudia Garcia-Mauriño

Magome-juku by Claudia Garcia-Mauriño

Selfishly I’ve been taking up space on the blog with my own photography, so I thought it was about time I highlighted a fellow photographers work. Travelling has become a big source of inspiration for me, seeing different cultures can play an important role in any creatives work and we often turn to photography to express our liking for a certain style or aesthetic. Even if the subject isn’t directly related to art or design it’s obvious to tell from the final photographs what someone is drawn to.

I came across the photography of Claudia Garcia-Mauriño and it really struck a chord with me. Born and raised in Barcelona, Claudia studied product design and later worked with designer Antoni Arola, thus giving her the platform to experiment in lighting design. Claudia currently works over a number of different mediums, including graphic and product design, also art direction, but it’s obvious to see that she’s been using her photography as powerful tool to inspire and document her travels.

Claudia notes light as being a very symbolic element in her work and tends to explore this idea of light often in her film photography, attracted to where natural light pools or sprays in a space. One series that I admire in-particular is these images taken on a recent trip to Japan, I think Claudia’s search for simplicity and harmony has been matched well with the Japanese culture. Japan has these characteristics in abundance and they work together to create compelling and unique cultural photographs. Hopefully you like them too and will check out more of Claudia’s work on her website below.


Kyoto (Kensei Hama) by Claudia Garcia-Mauriño

Tadao Ando Museum, Honmur by Claudia Garcia-Mauriño

Go-Oh Shrine, Hiroshi Sugimoto by Claudia Garcia-Mauriño

Kyoto (Kensei Hama) by Claudia Garcia-Mauriño

Ritsurin Garden by Claudia Garcia-Mauriño

Ritsurin Garden by Claudia Garcia-Mauriño

Kyoto (Kensei Hama) by Claudia Garcia-Mauriño

Nozawa Onsen Suki-jo by Claudia Garcia-Mauriño

Takamatsu by Claudia Garcia-Mauriño


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