Exploration of the Infinite & Invisible – Lightsculptures by Pim Leenen


I think it’s often easy to overlook the accessibility of cameras and our ability to capture our local environment, with technology we can now manipulate objects and spaces to make them become something totally unexpected. Looking at other artists work I can see it’s natural to get caught up in the fact that you need a big budget to be a “proper” photographer, but these ‘Lightsculptures’ by Dutch photographer Pim Leenen should serve as great inspiration for those working only in their immediate environment.

Pim believes that there is a secret life hidden behind materials or situations that at first glance seem self-evident. This appreciation means that he’s constantly searching for new materials that can tell more than they intended, taking them out of their original context and bringing them forward as a new entity. What’s achieved is both a transformation in function and meaning.

This is his exact thinking in the series ‘Lightsculptures’, taking an array of mirrors and turning them in to a collection of infinite options. From mirrors blurred and reflecting light, to others that are much more literal and have a simple geometric configuration, I like the fact that these experiment with the idea of uncovering a “new world”. As well as that Pim is using a basic set of principles to create something captivating and aesthetically pleasing. Hopefully you enjoy this series as much as I did and will head on over to his portfolio to see more.



Lightsculptures by Pim Leenen 4

Lightsculptures by Pim Leenen 2

Lightsculptures by Pim Leenen 3




Lightsculptures by Pim Leenen 1