Rough & Polished – Various Stools by French Designer Guillaume Delvigne

It’s fascinating when you research each creative and what methods they use when designing to flesh out an idea in more detail. When I create I tend to already have collected a number of sources of inspiration, which I then try to bring together in to sketches and later build on in a more substantial way. I think it’s great to learn about other peoples methods, which is one of the reasons why I was attracted by the work of Guillaume Delvigne, a French designer who is big on drawing and even uses these sketches in his portfolio to showcase the origin of his design, definitely a nice touch.

Guillaume Delvigne opened his own studio in 2011 and had his first personal exhibition at the ToolsGalerie in Paris. He now works with many big companies, but I think this gallery in-particular has played a key part in him being able to showcase his skills as a designer and to be let free creatively with many of the pieces of furniture that he’s been designing. So I commend both of them for coming together to create furniture like the ones you are able to see above and below.

I would say that a lot of the furniture is inspired by sculpture, using marble a number of times in his portfolio to create a monolithic type forms that have the function of being seating. Saying that, some of the other designs use resin and granite, making it easy for him to texture the surfaces, and the metal piece seen above really is something to admire and reminds me of the sculpture of Henry Moore. Anyway, here are a few of my favourite stools from his website but I recommend you click on over for more, you are sure to enjoy his work.