Moku Furniture – Chair and Table by Danish Designer Cecilie Manz

A fantastic series of furniture by Copenhagen-based designer Cecilie Manz. I’ve known about Cecilie’s work for a while, but I was very surprised to see that I hadn’t yet featured her work on the blog, which is a great shame considering her incredible talent and the wide array of objects that she has designed. So when I came across her series called ‘Moku’, meaning ‘wood’ in Japanese, it seemed like a perfect fit for our website.

Cecilie has been designing interior products for many years now, using glass and other materials to shape functional forms that are easy to use and nice on the eye. Her design process starts in the form of sculptural experimentation, creating one-off sculptural forms that are the base for her experimentation in material and aesthetic. Later, if potential in the object can be seen, she will pursue the function of it and maybe seek mass production. This process is intriguing to me because most industrial designers are function first, so on hearing this it’s definitely something that I will look in to myself.

The Moku collection that you see here is a series of furniture made from solid Japanese beech and produced by Nissin in Takayama city, well-known for their high quality production. The rounded shape of the body is really beautiful, and the addition of upholstery on top of the seating adds an extra element to the design. Here are a few photos from this series, but I recommend viewing Cecilie Manz’s portfolio on the link below as she’s a real talent. Enjoy.