A Represenation of Time and Space – Frames by Shigeki Fujishiro


Mobiles have featured here on the blog a number of times. I’m drawn to them because they integrate a number of different mediums in to one, such as painting, sculpture and other craft. I also consider it a playful way of experimenting with how design and art is perceived, mainly challenging the way in which we interact with functional and non-functional objects. From the designers perspective it requires them to step outside the box and become creative and inventive.

I’ve stumbled in to a lot of kinetic sculpture in my time, including those created by Alexander Calder and Marcel Duchamp, but a creative who I think had a unified approach when it came to art and design was Bruno Munari. I was lucky enough to view his early works a few years back and they left quite an impression of me. Although I don’t quite recall the materials used and the exact formations, I do remember quite vividly the shadows that they cast at different times of the day on the walls and ceilings, especially under different lighting.

Talented Japanese designer Shigeki Fujishiro was kind enough to send over a selection of images of his own mobiles that he’s designed for a series titled Frames, and what struck me were the shadows created on the walls. Although more geometric than Munari, this kinetic art is a great representation of both time and space and I think Shigeki has conveyed them quite brilliantly here in this photography. They look as if they’re floating, a box within a box some might say. I hope you enjoy this work and will go on over to his website to view more.