Purity in Material & Form – M Type Tableware Series by Maker Lee Jae Jun

The purity in porcelain is something that has always attracted me to the material. All the different properties, such as the way the light bounces off and the shadows in which it creates, as well as the feel in the hand, are all spellbinding. I also think knowing that porcelain is hard to work with really adds to this feeling of holding something quite special and unique.

This collection of work by Lee Jae Jun has intrigued me for a while and thought I would highlight his work here for all of you to be inspired by as well. I first came across Lee Jae Jun’s work in 2016 when I viewed his M Type Tableware series that featured porcelain made vessels with a clean white appearance.

Viewing his website over the weekend I stumbled across his newest range made in 2017 for Ceramic Art London. The particular collection is inspired by his M Type Tableware series but uses colouring and zirconium silicate to make the finished vessels. Although simple in appearance, the complexity in the process and the attention to detail is really impressive and inspiring for me as a fellow maker. Here are a few photos from his portfolio but more can be seen on the link below. Enjoy.



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