Timber Products by Live Wire Farm

I’ve come across this small business before and I thought it was about time I added them into the archive, they also have some stunning imagery on their website which was definitely worth a showcase. This week in the office I feel the theme has been more of a natural one with lots of inspiration being related towards natural materials (probably helped thanks to our sudden influx of wooden items in the shop). I’ve been very inspired by Japanese architect Shigeru Ban who’s extremely innovative with paper, particularly recycled cardboard paper tubes used to quickly and efficiently house disaster victims (very admirable). When I read the book ‘Alvar Aalto: Through the Eyes of Shigeru Ban’, one that’s still on my shelf to this day, it struck me how the pair don’t really have a connection as such but they both take an extremely responsible approach towards architecture. I liked this way of thinking and Live Wire Farm, the company I’m talking about today, are on the same wave length in my opinion but just at a much smaller scale.

These guys and girls make products and goods that are sustainable and progressive, also innovative and modern, they don’t follow a trend or a particular style but they’re extremely functional. I’ve specifically picked out the timber objects as a source of inspiration, but the family owned business also supplies fresh honey from their 100-acre property in Jacksonville, Vermont. Owned by the Robohms, the wooden designs are made mainly of extra pieces of wood collected from the property or converted from the extra branches that were cut down for firewood. They then turn these into useable products that everyone can fall in love with, just like me who’s a massive admirer of all the little quirky details on the cherry and maple utensils, raw birch candles, napkin rings, and hooks. Particularly the carving marks that are left by the maker inspire me.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy the imagery that I’ve supplied here and you’ll take some influence from their way of thinking, I know I did. The Live Wire Farm is definitely a great website to check out when you’ve got a spare minute.



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