Hand Craft San Francisco – Photographs of Makers by Jake Stangel


We’ve posted up American photographer Jake Stangel a few times over the years, most of the photos involve some sort of natural scenery or beautiful landscapes. Checking back on his website a few years later I was pleasantly surprised to see a recent series of photographs that’s very much our cup of tea. He’s been documenting artists and craft makers in the San Francisco area, including a sign maker, a woodworker, a luthier, a ceramicist, a printmaker, a florist, and jewellery maker.

I suppose San Francisco has always been a bit of a haven for those working outside the box, some might say “square pegs in round holes”, but I feel there’s been a definite trend this last year in the way that people have taken to these traditional crafts. In the way of SF, I think Heath Ceramics is part of the reason, making their tableware in the heart of San Francisco’s Northeast Mission neighbourhood, but you also have to take in to account the appreciation for skilful design and doing things the right way in that part of the world. I’m all for it and I hope to see more individuals getting involved.

Jake’s photos have a graininess which I think matches the series quite well, he’s also used shadow in the studios of the makers to good effect. Considering those featured here are mainly those that have made off their own back and have developed their skills out of passion, I think the overall tone suits the DIY nature of it all. One thing I personally picked up from this is that all the makers look happy to be crafting work with care in their chosen material, it only inspires me to get out their myself and put some of my own ideas in to fruition. More can be seen on Jake Stangel’s portfolio through the link below, enjoy.












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