Experiments in Construction – Works by Norwegian Artist Stein Rønning


Although it’s great to do a recap here on the blog about an artist’s work, it’s often hard to really summarise their portfolio in one post. Usually I’m torn between one side of their portfolio and another, particularly with the creatives that we showcase here who often span many disciplines.

Norwegian artist Stein Rønning is one of those, whose work is split between sculpture and photography. Uniquely, he combines the two to create work that goes back and forth between three-dimensions and two-dimensions, the contrast of a purely visual and physical representation. Although I’m quite fascinated by his cuboid painted wooden forms against neutral backdrops, which are in my opinion a commentary on space and our perception of it, I’m also intrigued by the notion that these are a metaphor for the building blocks of an “idea”, an image that we have in our mind.

As a fellow creative I always find myself battling between the physical representation of an idea and the image that’s stuck in my mind, so for me this message is rather poignant. This constant back and forth that every artist and designer goes through is represented here by Stein Rønning, flicking between these mediums represents more than what one might at first sight. I’m sure you’ll be quite taken aback by his work, so I recommend clicking over now to see the full range of work on his website. Enjoy.