The Best Made American Felling Axe

Best Made Company have become very popular over the past year or so, they have taken something completely niche and in some ways quite ‘boring’, and have turned it into a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. Designed in New York City, they worked hand-in-hand with a fourth-generation American axe maker to fabricate and revive the tool from the ground up.

Every axe is individually numbered and is hand-painted/finished in their New York workshop. This film below guides us through the companies inspiration, and really gives us an introduction into who they are and how it all runs. Very interesting if you ask me. Watch on below.


  • Simone

    I’ve always found the concept behind this brand quite hilarious (it remains to be seen whether they are conscious of it).
    Right at a time when menswear is pushing the rugged mountaineer/sailor/manly man look and hipsters donning red wings, checked plaid shirts and braces increasingly look like a woodman, here is a company giving them the tools to turn into one.

  • Charles

    Perhaps the folks at Best Made have those fads to thank for part of their success, but I have a feeling they’ll still be going strong after those trends have past. They’re actually producing something new and interesting. I’m a big fan obviously :)

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