New Arrivals from Yumiko iihoshi


Sketch Series Cup in Ivory

I have received some interesting emails as of late from readers recommending that I change our posting pattern a little to incorporate new arrivals from the shop. Interestingly this is something that I’ve been thinking about myself since there’s a definite disconnect from the shop and the blog, they’re sort of like two different websites (which isn’t something I personally like). In the future a re-design will remedy this, but for now I’m going to incorporate this in to our content schedule. So you’ll see updates regarding the shop on the blog as well.

Like anything, if you do it enough and try to fit in daily practice your eye and skill improves immensely. I’m not really a photographer per-se but I have impressed myself with my gradual improvement, plus the sun has given me the perfect opportunity to photograph some new items that arrived earlier in the week from Yumiko iihoshi. I feel like Yumiko has been one of our better sellers in the shop, offering a selection of goods that are both reasonably priced but have an abundance of character.

The new arrivals include the popular Tori Plate, this time in a blue colour-way, and a new series altogether titled Sketch. The Sketch series is made out of an ivory white clay, and has a clear glaze added to the interior and exterior. ‘Sketch’ comes from the concept of a blank canvas, using these tools and whatever is inside to decorate the dining table. The glaze also picks up little marks and defects as time passes, making each one unique to the owner. It all depends on how the objects are treated to what they look like, much like real leather or a material that matures with time/use. We have a cup, and two plates from this series, hopefully we’ll expand on the line in the future.

As I’m sure you’ll all agree, Yumiko’s works are beautifully simple, and have a real classic feel to them, they’re refined in a lot of ways. This not only comes through in the aesthetic, but also when you’re using them, as the products have been stripped down to the bare essentials it takes the burden from your hands.

Click here to have a look at some new items by Yumiko iihoshi →


Tori Plate in Blue


Sketch Series (a) Plate in Ivory


Large Glass Tumbler


Sketch Series (b) Plate in Ivory


Small Glass Tumbler


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