The Geometric Passion – Ceramic Sculptures by Spanish Artist Enric Mestre


It’s easy to get disillusioned and think that you’ve seen every bit of inspiration on the web. This, for me, is particularly relevant when it comes to handicrafts, where new makers often fail to gain any traction and we rarely see fresh work from breakthrough artists. Spanish ceramic sculptor Enric Mestre renewed my faith with his fantastic series of architectonic forms.

Although not a new artist, he’s actually been working in the field of ceramics for over 60 years, the Valencia-based creative is quite extraordinary for his enthusiasm and creative output over the years. In pursuit of his vision even to this day, this attitude to producing timeless forms should give any creative a real boost.

Enric starts his process by drawing shapes in a sketchbook, choosing the most attractive form as a starting point for his clay constructions. Once planned, he makes a template and often produces a small-scale model to coincide, he then goes on to translate this in to clay using a slab building technique. He approaches his artistic creations in the same way an engineer would when working on a big architectural idea. As Enric says, the major advantage of ceramics as a material is that it provides optimum possibilities for creative work and they’re almost unalterable over time. Here I place some imagery from his ongoing series “The Geometric Passion”, these are quite something! Enjoy.









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