Three Dimensional Collage – Sculptures by Swedish Artist Malou Palmqvist

Sculpturally my interests are based around fairly geometric shapes that are combined with natural materials. This is partly thanks to my background in graphic design, an art form that mainly consists of bold elements placed in a functional format. In contrast I really appreciated the approach of Malou Palmqvist, a Swedish artist who has used her fashion background to create this series of sculptures that she regards as “Three Dimensional Collages”.

Malou’s sculptures all work around the idea of balance, using stacked elements to create totem poles of a sort, standing proud and almost titling to the point of collapse. The final sculptures are quirky and unusual, using bright but muted colours and unique patterns so that the eye is drawn towards them. I think this is what attracted me to her work originally since they are truly expressive and have a specific style that’s unique to only her.

Currently residing on an island in the archipelago in Sweden, Malou uses this location as a source of inspiration for her work, borrowing some of the natural elements from her surroundings and using these to create natural pigments and dyes that can be implemented as part of her artwork. This contrast between the natural and man-made is one of the important elements to note here and is a concept I hope she explores in more detail in the future. Although there are obvious sources of inspiration from the landscape around here, such as rocks and the different colour tones, the human touch can also be seen. I hope you like these pieces and will view more on her website below. Enjoy.


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