WOOD-TONE – Unique Constructivist Lamps from Wood and Brass


I’m often wary of projects that title or reference some sort of art movement. Obviously as someone who’s inspired by these different principles and philosophies myself, I am always on the lookout for those creatives that are on a similar wavelength, but it has to be individuals that are building on from what came before. I especially like projects that involve some sort of architectural construction with function in mind.

This project that I’m showcasing today is called WOOD-TONE, who have produced a selection of five original lamps titled under the name ‘SIRIUS’. Headed by Portuguese designer and maker Carlos Borges, with the technical consultancy of Jorge Gonçalves, their inspiration derives from the artistic and architectural philosophy of Constructivism. They’ve used wooden blocks and segments of different proportions to build up a surround and base for a collection of lamps. These lamps are both functional and sculptural, with them integrating coloured wood at the base to create subtle changes in the design.

In terms of construction, each piece is handmade and uses a mixture of industrial and craft techniques to create an object that’s pleasant for the home. At the end of the day this project is a combination of art and design, but I like the fact that there’s a finished product here that has a playful element to its function. It’s not overly decorative, but it’s not stale or plain either. I hope you like the mix and will check out some of the other lamps on the link below.