Manipulating Geometric Form – Sculpture by Bence Magyarlaki

Bringing a sense of expression to any art form is a difficult task. Especially when using static, hard materials that are rigid and don’t generally lend themselves to being manipulated in an expressive way. Hungarian artist Bence Magyarlaki has took on the challenge! His interest in architectural form has led him to create this series under the title of ‘The Contortionists’ and ‘Outside Belongings’. At such a young age both series have already garnered attention and I’m sure it’s going to continue throughout his career.

Composing of plaster and concrete, Magyarlaki’s quest is to unite this structural rigidity with the body language of the human body itself. An unusual but unique proposition that he has been able to achieve successfully. Bence uses the relative position of the human body, sometimes relating it to this own, to bring this sense of movement through to his work and share it with the onlooker.

This push and pull with the viewer is interesting, using the hard materials that don’t naturally twist or distort to throw a spanner in the works, so to speak. With this jarring effect it’s Magyarlaki’s hope that we might not consider architecture as oppressive and more fluid, seeing potential in all structure and the boundaries that are always present in our lives, natural or man made. A fantastic view point and I can’t wait to see where he can go with this concept in the near future. Enjoy more on his portfolio linked below.


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