Emptiness and Silence – Whitescapes by Italian Photographer Alex Pardi


Those photographic series that make the everyday and ordinary become something of intrigue are the ones that often appeal the most to me. I guess when you spend your life analysing the details of functional objects and talking about others who think this way you end up with a similar mindset. Take for example photographer Alex Pardi and his series titled ‘Whitescapes’, the Milan-based creative has been photographing a ship in an unconventional manner.

Without knowing this was a ship it may be hard to decipher, taken from its context these images showcase individual elements that transcend the reality of the objects and lead us to think about them in a unique way. Alex says, “In the virtual reality age, a homage to a few thousands tons of metal, massive and heavy yet light enough to float.” Which is true to many of the things that we discuss here on the website, often the simplest methods are the best.

I titled this post ‘Emptiness and silence’ because Alex says that those two words plays a central role in his work. He wants his images to dilate space and time, and force the viewer to a slower pace. This is certainly the first thing that happened to me when I flicked through them, I had an instant feeling of calm and clarity. I also like the fact that they make you delve deeper and realise the beauty in the ordinary, hopefully they make you feel the same way too.