A Subtle Fade of Colour – Daze Tables Edition #2 by Design Studio Truly Truly

I often talk about inspiration that can be found in nature and how these little sparks can lead to promising design solutions. As a creative that spends my time working in ceramic I often crave tones of colour that fade and scatter, which is actually quite hard to achieve. I think with metal you rely on the fact that the material oxidises and changes with the user, but for a designer this doesn’t necessarily lead to the desired finish they are looking for. Interestingly this design by Truly Truly reminded me of these inspirations and how one flash of light can illuminate an idea in the mind.

The design studio itself is operating from the Netherlands but was founded by Australian designers Joel & Kate Booy. Their focus is balancing art and design, looking for innovative solutions for the living environment, often seeking out playful elements that can capture the attention of the viewer in different ways. These tables were inspired by a hazy light streaming through a crack, so they decided to see how the act of colouring could affect the shape of an object and how we perceive it.

This is actually the second part of the series, but I liked the bold colour choices mixed with the geometric formations, layering the metal so they are not perfectly inline, blurring the choice between function and art in an everyday setting. I especially like the black with orange/red accenting. Anyway, I hope you like this series too and will go on to study more of their work on the portfolio linked below. Enjoy.



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