Minimalist Shaping – Wooden Furniture by Japanese Designer Mikiya Kobayashi

The feeling at the moment in the West is that designers are often searching for modern solutions to apply to the field of furniture, using new materials and methods to construct them. In my opinion the problem with seating compared to some kind of table solution is that it can impact on the health of the body, so experimentation in this field should be justified with helping humans to sit in a functional manner. Unfortunately this has been lost on some. Saying that, I remain optimistic about the future of furniture, but links with the past have to be particulary strong.

Recently I was able to sit on an extensive collection of classic furniture designs from the past, which was an enlightening experience, especially those by Danish designer Børge Mogensen. That’s why these pieces by Japanese designer Mikiya Kobayashi really appealed to me, he has taken traditional elements but has hoped to elevate them in a functional manner and use natural materials to help him in the process.

Mikiya Kobayashi established his own studio in 2006 and has since produced a whole collection of furniture in a darker wood, accenting with leather and also cloth to help cushion the back and legs. Flowing shapes seen in furniture such as this are not easy to produce in wood, so I really respect the craftsmen that have worked with Mikiya on this project. And let’s face it, Japan has some of the best. More can be seen on his portfolio linked below.


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