New at OEN Shop – Objects by Japanese Woodworkers Studio KUKU

Located at an altitude of 970 metres, at the foot of Mt. Asama in Nagano Prefecture is Studio KUKU. This area of Japan is centred around a series of forested mountains, as well as hot springs and temples that give this location a very spiritual feeling. In Japan the god named the spirit of trees is “KU”, and they believe this can be translated to the maker and on to the person using it, one of the many beautiful traits of collecting objects made from naturally sourced materials.

Kyoko Tani is the owner of Studio KUKU and has been producing custom furniture for over 30 years. Whilst making characterful pieces of design by hand, they look to use their hands to make sure each piece fits comfortably and can be used on a daily basis. Through her quaint studio she’s hoping to be able to convey the importance of nature and tradition, so we’re pleased to present a unique selection of works here, all of which can be found on the shop linked below.

Works by Studio KUKU are available here at OEN shop →

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