New at OEN Shop – Functional Tools & Dishes by Ruka Kikuchi of Lue Brass

You might not have noticed it yet but I’ve been making lots of incremental changes to the design of the shop. Interestingly I’ve been inspired by the craftsmen and the way in which they can devote themselves to a set of objects and persistently pursue these for many years on end. It’s easy just to start again from scratch, but what’s more appealing to me right now is to make those small adjustments and over time you have something of real substance.

Ruka Kikuchi of Lue Brass is one of these makers who has really honed his skills and has narrowed down his catalogue to a set of really well made objects with longevity in mind. His brass objects are very popular and I was able to receive another small shipment of works from his studio in Setouchi, Okayama Prefecture.

I’m yet to fully photograph them again but here’s a few new pictures that I started taking over the last day or so. In the future these will be added to the gallery along with larger detailed photos for you to examine, which should be included across the shop as a whole. All of them can be purchased on the link below. Many thanks for everyones continued support.

Brass Objects by Ruka Kikuchi available here →


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