New Maker at OEN Shop – Brass Objects by Japanese Metalworker Takeo Suhara

Interestingly, we’ve been a bit short on metalwork in the shop but fairly regular with updates on woodwork and ceramics. I tend to shy away from metalwork as it often has a glean that I’m not too keen on, so it takes really special objects to grab my attention.

When I was introduced to the work of Japanese metalworker Takeo Suhara I was instantly hooked. The simplicity in his work is contrasted by the small markings that run across the surface of the pieces. Not only do they reflect the light in unique ways and give the objects character and warmth, they also patina and change with the user which is a very appealing element of owning metalwork.

Takeo Suhara, who also goes under the studio name of Yuta Craft, makes in the city of Minoh in Osaka Prefecture. This is a forested valley on the outskirts of Osaka, placed between the busy metropolis of Osaka and the nature that stretches beyond. His goal is to make work with function in mind, but also objects that can be beautiful and ever changing. He’s certainly achieved that and we’re proud to present a selection here in the shop today.

A selection of brass objects by Takeo Suhara now at OEN Shop →


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