Expressive Shape – The Okito Furniture Collection by Läufer + Keichel

There’s a lot more that goes in to furniture making than just knocking out a design from wood. I’m a fan of bespoke furniture, making one-off objects that have unique character and depth, but when it comes to affecting humanity and leaving a legacy you have to think about not only the design but also the production of these objects and how to reach a wider audience.

Berlin-based studio and creative partnership Julia Läufer and Marcus Keichel of Läufer + Keichel have produced another knockout titled ‘Okito’ for manufacturer Zeitraum, building on their initial success with the Nonoto chair that’s unique structurally and flowing in form. The Okito collection focuses on functionality, making unique, stackable chairs that are a mixture of metal and wood. Visually there’s definitely some cues taken from French architect Jean Prouvé’s style, but they’ve elevated the backrest nicely and made it seem as though it’s floating. In a practical sense this chair is easy to construct using a selection of screws alone.

Here is a selection of imagery that really pulled me in and made me want to showcase them here on the blog as inspiration. I urge you to browse the Läufer + Keichel portfolio on the link below since they are also showcasing the making process for each furniture collection. Certainly inspiring for any up and coming furniture designer! Enjoy.


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