Fresh Design Perspective – Wooden Chairs by Danish Studio Sibast Furniture

We try our best here to support young designers who are blazing a trail, hoping to create work that have all the hallmarks of being “timeless”. In contrast, what happens when there’s a youthful injection in a fading legacy that once existed but is slowly being left behind? This is why the work of Anna and Ditlev Sibast, who are now owners of Sibast Furniture in Denmark, caught my attention.

Helge Sibast, grandfather of Ditlev Sibast, was a talented woodworker who had a fresh take on handcrafted, modern design. Helge took over his own father’s business and began expanding, challenging woodwork as an art form and bringing his own designs to fruition. By the 1950’s and 60’s Helge had created a furniture factory employing over 120 craftsmen who were crafting some of the finest furniture in Danish design history.

In 1985 Helge Sibast passed away and Sibast Furniture was no more. This is when they picked up the baton and decided to reinterpret the chair Sibast No 8, a unique design with a truly beautiful form. Their goal is to create new furniture pieces in the same vein, bringing Danish Design heritage back to life and having a strong passion for high quality crafted furniture. It’s great to see such a design brought back to life and shows the longevity in these older designs once they are given a fresh take. More pictures available on the Sibast Furniture website linked below.