Table Tools for Everyday Use – Metalwork by Australian Silversmith Alison Jackson


There’s been a large amount of functional tableware on the blog over the past few weeks, it’s also quite prominent the amount of materials and forms that they’ve come in. Glass, metal, ceramic, each have their own unique properties and it’s great to see how the individual maker uses them to create their object of choice. Another thing that’s stuck out over the year is the Australian craft and design scene, it’s no surprise now when I come across fantastic creatives who live and work in Australia. They seem to have a great eye for simplicity, and today’s post is no different, featuring the work of Gold and Silversmith Alison Jackson.

Alison’s metalwork draws inspiration from the clean lines of geometric shapes, paired against soft satin finishes. All of them are hand crafted at her workshop in Canberra named Pocket Studio. She uses sterling stainless steel, copper and brass, also making interesting surfaces by oxidising the metal. The hollow forms are hand raised from a flat sheet, which is time-consuming but gives her complete control over the process.

I’m personally admiring her unique skill to put her own aesthetic on these finished articles, as well as being able to produce contemporary looking forms that are simple but very effective. Her butter knives are particularly impressive, they twist over and create an usual geometric form that looks pleasant to use and intriguing on the eye. There’s a short video below which gives some context to these works and associates them with the maker herself, I’d recommend watching that and going to her website to see more. Enjoy.