Nonoto Series – Furniture Designed by Julia Laufer and Marcus Keichel

I think it’s interesting that humans tend to be attracted to things revolving around their mindset. It’s probably ‘frequency illusion’, where a concept or thing that you just found about, or are interested in for that matter, starts to crop up frequently. As Ive been researching machinery and manufacturing lately I’ve been attracted to projects that involve this in some form of manner. So I wanted to highlight this beautiful furniture called Nonoto that’s been produced in a similar fashion.

These chairs were designed by Julia Laufer & Marcus Keichel at their studio in Berlin, Germany. The concept of the studio is to look at the relationship between man and object and create objects that are sustainable for people to use, both in terms of the design and methods used. I was drawn to the Nonoto chair in particular as it’s purely wooden chair, which you associate with craftsmen, but has been manufactured on one of the latest CNC-controlled milling machines.

Here are a few photos of the chair design and how they went about making. It’s fantastic to see inside the studio and should serve as inspiration for all of you budding designers. Maybe there are some underlying hints on how you can go about designing your own pieces. Enjoy.


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