Made for a Lifetime – Furniture Handmade in the United States by Kalon

One thing I’ve been noticing lately is a definite shift toward localised production. I have a feeling more conservative countries have been more passionate towards supporting local industry, something that has fallen out of favour in Western countries considering the low cost and convenience of mass production. Not taking anything away from these other countries and who have excelled in this field, but I feel a slow movement back to craft and valuable hand skills right now.

One company leading the charge in this regard is Kalon, a furniture brand founded in 2007 by Michaele Simmering and Johannes Pauwen. Their focus revolves around functional forms using natural materials that are sure to stand the test of time. This also comes through in the production of their furniture, using craftsmen in the US so they can control the quality of production and what specific materials are used. It’s also important for them to reiterate and strip back their designs to create timeless looking objects.

This philosophy of the object lasting a lifetime is one that I really subscribe to. Ok, financially it doesn’t make sense for a business in the short term, but in terms of actual output in this world there’s never been a more important time. If you would also like to support Kalon just click on below to view their portfolio. I love their pared-back aesthetic.


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