Rising from Nature – A Selection of Furniture Handcrafted by Siki

Many might wonder what the fascination actually is with Japanese design and crafts. When you trace the modern design aesthetic some of the earliest references link back to American architect Frank Lloyd Wright’s time when he was working as an architect in Japan. Wright was a big collector of Japanese wood-block prints and referenced many of the elements from traditional Japanese homes in his buildings. There’s obviously a connection to nature, such as the materials and roughness of the forms, but you also have to take in to account the traditions of Japan and how unique they are.

Furniture and woodworking is a field where this ‘tradition’ is so strong. Somehow these Japanese artisans are able to combine traditional and functional in their work and make pieces that are just perfect in every way. You also need to account for the simplicity, which is a pared-back aesthetic that has arisen partly through the construction methods and the need to save on wastage and time. These Japanese makers are certainly innovative.

Siki Furniture was a factory that I came across on my travels and was blown away by their design style. They are producing out of Asakura City in Fukuoka Prefecture and have been honing their skills since 1970. Their concept is to produce furniture that doesn’t stand out but still has a small presence in the environment that they reside in. I think they have most definitely achieved this and this specific furniture will certainly create a warm atmosphere in any home. Here’s a selection of work from their portfolio that I picked out below. You won’t be disappointed to take a look yourself!



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