Archibaldo – Stool by Viviana Fagnani

Archibaldo - Stool by Viviana Fagnani 1

Viviana Fagnani’s Arcibaldo Stool not only pays homage to the architectural wonders of ancient Rome and Etruria but also draws inspiration from the influential Finnish architect Alvar Aalto. Aalto, renowned for his groundbreaking work in modern architecture and furniture design, left an indelible mark on the world of design.

Much like Aalto’s emphasis on organic forms and a deep connection to nature, Fagnani’s Arcibaldo Stool embodies these principles. The stool’s sleek lines and natural materials, including the option of Douglas Fir, resonate with Aalto’s design philosophy, which often incorporated wood to bring warmth and a sense of harmony to his creations.

Moreover, Aalto’s innovative use of materials and his dedication to craftsmanship resonate with Fagnani’s approach in designing the Arcibaldo Stool. The stool’s structural backbone and exposed joints not only serve as essential elements but also reflect Aalto’s belief in honesty of construction. In both cases, the material and the design itself become integral to the aesthetic, a core tenet of Aalto’s legacy.

In the Arcibaldo Stool, one can perceive the fusion of architectural inspiration from ancient times, as well as the enduring influence of modernist architects like Alvar Aalto. It’s a testament to the timelessness of design principles that continue to shape our living spaces and inspire innovative creations like this one by Viviana Fagnani.

Archibaldo - Stool by Viviana Fagnani 2

Archibaldo - Stool by Viviana Fagnani 3

Archibaldo - Stool by Viviana Fagnani 4

Archibaldo - Stool by Viviana Fagnani 5

Archibaldo - Stool by Viviana Fagnani 5


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