Perspective & Planes – Tack End Tables and Benches by Uhuru Design


If you’re someone who is far removed from the subject, the field of furniture could be seen as one dimensional. The reality is, this is actually far from the truth. Furniture comes in many forms and I think it’s particularly interesting how sculptors see seating as a platform for experimentation. Japanese sculptor Isamu Noguchi is one who explored furniture quite heavily throughout his lifetime, but there’s also many others who have used furniture as a base for blurring the lines between function and form.

This work seen here by Brooklyn design studio Uhuru instantly attracted me. Their industrial furniture under the name ‘Tack End’ is constructed by zig-zagging and joining sheets of hand-blackened steel. Not only are these statement pieces, I was also attracted to the simplicity of the materials and the simple construction method used. For me, this project is all around reduction.

The main thing that stood out was the fact that these offer multiple perspectives, which is mainly down to the simplicity in the design. If you see some of the images below you’ll notice that when they’re rotated the different planes become obvious, it’s quite impressive in fact. I’ve placed some of my favourite images below, but many more like this can be found on Uhuru’s website. Enjoy.