Testing the Boundaries – Experimental Furniture by Stephane Parmentier

Sometimes it’s hard to get inspired when you’re so used to seeing the basic shapes that all forms seem to have been assigned to. As someone graphically trained I have always had an inclination toward function, which I think is partly because I’m a male and we seem to have been programmed in such a way with varying intensities. Saying that, over the last few years my sense has been tested often and I’m becoming more aware of the need for forms that stray outside the boundaries and offer a challenge to the status quo.

Paris-based interior architect and designer Stéphane Parmentier has to be commended for his ability to stray from the rules and make works that have links to everyday life but also have elements of frivolity that can spark our mind to think and consider. Interestingly, these tend to blend in with the overall design and rarely distract unless intended to. Now his main focus is interiors, furniture, and objects, linking many of these frivolous elements in his work with his long career in fashion and producing his own successful clothing company.

I have to admit his list of clients and the projects that he’s worked on showcases his ability to not just design objects that people can actually use but test the boundaries and intrigue with his work. That’s something that, even with technology advancing, we are actually seeing less of, a balance that’s certainly hard to achieve. I wanted to showcase Stephane’s seating here and make you think about your own creative path and how you might be able to take a different approach or angle. You never know, this might lead to a whole new way of designing. Enjoy.