Shaping Relationships – A Selection of Furniture by Sun at Six

My favourite time of day is either that early morning sunrise or the 6pm twilight that offers soft glowing light and unique shadows. The name of this furniture company called ‘Sun at Six’ captured my attention as I was drawn to the silhouettes that are thin in form but still value the use of natural materials, such as leather sourced from a family-owned tannery in Italy and wood for the overall frame, and don’t forget traditional joinery techniques with the goal of supporting handcrafted techniques in this modern age.

This Brooklyn-based furniture design studio is working with specialist craftsmen in China who use classical joinery techniques to produce these clean lines that certainly stand out. It’s interesting to see a fresh take on these traditional techniques and I think we need more people who are able to reconfigure these age old crafts for the contemporary settings that we now reside in. Sometimes it’s difficult for the craftsmen themselves to have such a vision, so with designers with an aesthetic sense like those at Sun at Six we can try to push them forward and still keep these skills intact.

I have to admit I’m always a little wary of leather used with wood as I find it can be a little flimsy at times. But honestly, I liked the construction of these pieces and how they were able to work this material in to the design and stay away from using nails or screws to secure the the essential framework of the furniture. There is no fuss. Here are a few pictures I liked from their website and plenty more can be found on the link below. Enjoy.


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