Twisted Bread from Kinfolk Volume 4

We return to the creative collaboration that is Kinfolk magazine and their delightful supplementary content, with only seven day’s left until the fourth issue is released. Once again filmmaking extraordinaires Tiger in the Jar return to the fold to capture the recipe of avid foodie blogger Tara O’Brady and photographer Nikole Herriott who also makes up one half of the father daughter team that is Herriott Grace.

If I’m being honest I’ve not come across this concept before of twisted bread on a stick by the fireside which is found in the film, so I’m eager to try this one later tonight on my chiminea. This is something I always look forward to when the summer months arrive, fine food and the gathering of my nearest and dearest around a fire. I’m sure if you’re this way inclined as well the latest Kinfolk issue will be a big hit with you too as it’s packed full of great culinary ideas and tips designed for summer.

I’m forever finding myself floating around the Kinfolk online journal, as many of you know I’m a big fan of craft and seeing objects being put together/made and they often highlight this type of project where you get to see the transformation from one form to another. Something that seems to have been lacking on the internet in the past few days in my opinion, so this for me was a real treat. Hopefully as the week progresses we will be able to uncover more handmade craft for you all, but in the meantime anyone needing their daily fix should gaze their eyes down the page, click play and enjoy!


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