Elegance in Plywood – Peel Chair by Blond

The Peel Chair by Blond 9

The ‘Peel Chair’ by London-based studio Blond is a triumphant fusion of natural inspiration and modernist influence. Channeling the creative spirit of Marcel Breuer, a pioneer of plywood furniture, Blond have crafted a chair that encapsulates the fluid beauty of a singular sheet of plywood appearing to peel and fold into form. The backrest, seat, and legs connect at seamless junctures, creating an elegant continuous line that echoes Breuer’s enduring design philosophy of simplicity and functionalism.

The subtle complexities of the ‘Peel Chair’ are not just aesthetic but deeply rooted in sustainability. Plywood, sustainably sourced and inherently less wasteful compared to traditional lumber practices, is the primary material, reflecting Breuer’s appreciation for affordability and Blond’s commitment to eco-conscious design. Each element of the chair, from its front legs that bend back to form the rear, to its twisting backrest providing comfort and support, mirrors the plywood furniture of Breuer, whose designs emphasised the material’s versatility and strength.

Behind this beautifully simple chair is a team adept at transforming complexity into simplicity. Under the creative direction of James Melia, Blond consistently crafts designs that stand the test of time, much like Marcel Breuer’s iconic plywood pieces. The ‘Peel Chair’ is a testament to their dedication to sustainable practices and innovative design, merging the natural world with modern sensibilities to create timeless, elegant furniture.


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