Short Film on Sean Woolsey

I felt like sticking with a little more craft today after sharing Sebastian Cox’s work yesterday, so I pencilled in this great short film which explores the talents of craftsman, maker and artist Sean Woolsley. This project has been put together by the good folks over at process creative who you may remember for another short film we shared on Stephen Kenn and his inheritance collection, which proved to be a bit of a hit with you all.

I’m really interested to see the direction Daniel Chesnut and Tom Aiello will take Process Creative as they seem to have their finger on the trigger of some really inspired creatives, we’ll definitely be on the look out for their next shoot. Taking Sean as an inspired example he has quite a family history within craftsmanship, with his father sought after in the late 70’s and early 80’s for his beautiful stainless glass. He even handcrafted pieces for Steven Spielberg and Barbra Streisand which is quite a baton to pick up for Woolsey junior.

Saying this from what we can see in the film below I think Sean is on his way, you can tell that he’s absolutely dedicated to what he’s doing and I love the individual look of his lamps. Admittedly these are showcased in quite a dark setting so I’d urge you to head across to his webpage where you can see these with a little more light and clarity. Here you can also get a view of his furniture, all of which has been put together using reclaimed wood which is great to see, handmade and good for the environment.

In the film below Sean discusses his design philosophy and looks to share a little of the knowledge he’s gained thus far. I will quickly mention that the backing track is a tad loud in the middle section of the film so just be aware you have to listen in to hear Sean if you aren’t using headphones. This however is a very minor detail and doesn’t detract from what is a great watch, so gaze your eyes downwards and enjoy.


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