A Selection of Furniture from Mid Mod Design

Desk designed by Cees Braakman for Pastoe in 1958.

Well before I’ve even started writing this post I’ve lied, in the title it says this furniture is all from the Mid Mod Design website when actually it’s a mixture of two sites, Mid Mod Design and Mass Modern Design. But since both of these sites/shops are owned by the same person I thought it made sense to group it together, the furniture and products on offer are really fantastic!

They were both started by a design lover and collecter back in 1995, who apparently since the age of 14 has been collecting good design. The original intrigue was the combination of shape, colour and patina, rarity also played a key part, so when collecting became an addition it was time to sell some pieces. Mid Mod Design was a site that I personally preferred as it showcases the owners taste a bit more and has some items that are really unique and special. Mass Modern Design is more of a complete showcase and looks to sell more common and commercial vintage design from 1950 until the present day. I’d recommend heading over to both websites to check out what they have in stock, for rarer items maybe head towards Mid Mod Design.

As I was searching through a variety of pieces I came across a number of different designs that were of interest, one designer that caught my eye again was Dutch designer Cees Braakman who I wrote about a few weeks back. He’s such a simplistic designer and his works for Pastoe are really intriguing, check out this desk above for example. It’s pretty modular in its form but at the same time it’s aesthetically nice with the shape of the feet almost looking like it’s off balance and unusable. Definitely a master at work in my opinion. Another stark piece is the item below this desk which was designed by Willem Lutjens for Gouda den Boer in 1953. It’s a bookcase made out of beech plywood with beech sticks in-between, back in the day this could be ordered with different shelving and stacks which made for a really functional piece.

I hope you enjoy what I’ve put together below and some history that I’ve shed on these specific items. There is plenty more on both Mid Mod Design and Mass Modern Design so I’d recommend heading that way to learn about different designers and their timeless works.


Bentwood bookcase designed by Willem Lutjens for Gouda den Boer in 1953.

Dining chairs designed by Cees Braakman for Pastoe UMS in 1952. Made out of beech and teak plywood.

Dining chairs designed by Louis v Teeffelen for Webe in 1960.

Large Executive Desk designed by Walter Knoll from the Art Collection series, 1970. Rosewood with a black formica lay in, flat steel T shaped feet.


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