Short Film on Furniture Maker Sebastian Cox

This is exactly what I love to see, fresh young minds turning their hands to design and bringing new ideas and concepts to the table. Sebastian Cox from Lincolnshire is an enthusiastic furniture designer passionate about sustainability and utilising the environment. I found this story a breath of fresh air given Sebastian has been able to put together a series of products and get these items on sale at some of the most coveted retailers here in England. Something which is a stark contrast to all the doom and gloom stories we hear about the opportunities available to today’s younger generation.

You have to admire him for working independently at a young age and it’s nice to know there is more of us out there. One thing that really sets Sebastian aside from his peers I believe is his vision in utilising the environment around him, he’s very conscious of taking only what he needs from the forrest for each piece that he creates. In the video below he talks upon coppiced hazel which is in vast supply here in England and often overlooked or underrated by other designers/makers.

For me the best part of the film has to be when we hear Sebastian discuss the responsibility that designers have to offer the consumer objects that are as good aesthetically as they are for the environment. I think Sebastian has a bright future ahead of him, so hopefully this film will gain him a few more followers which I really believe he deserves. If you do too why not head on through to his webpage to see what else he has on offer, in the meantime watch on below and enjoy!


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