Set of Imagery from Tim Barber

We’ve been out and about shooting some things for the store over the past couple of days, I’d love to share it with you all but I think I’d get myself into some serious trouble in the process. So instead I thought we’d stick with a little photography and take a look at what Tim Barber has to offer over on his webpage.

Browsing through Tim’s page the set that caught my eye was a collection of portraits featuring creative people based in New York. It was a logical choice given the faces that crept up within in it. Those astute menswear fans amongst us will recognise Humberto Leon and Carol Lim of Opening Ceremony alongside Sam Buffa of Freemans Sporting Club, see if you can spot their faces above and below.

It’s nice to get a glimpse at the spaces creative people work in which helps to establish a human connection with the people behind the process. I’m a strong believer in sharing a little of the personality behind creative work, I think you can appreciate and judge it a bit better once you’ve taken some of the influences in, this gives you more of an overall perspective. Especially in the internet age where so many companies are trading without faces to their name, I think projects like these help highlight the people behind the product which is so crucial nowadays.

If you’ve got the time to spare I’d recommend reviewing a little more portraiture from Mr Barber over on his webpage. He’s got quite a collection building up over their with a few other familiar faces cropping up within the mix.


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