Spaces by Olga Bennett

I’m not too fond of cropping pictures like I have here but I couldn’t bare to stretch these images to fit our current size, they’re just too perfect. Melbourne based freelance photographer Olga Bennett has featured once before on the format with her stunning series named ‘Environments’ which was a documentation of creative spaces. This series sort of follows suit in a way, it’s based on spaces and most of them feature creative individuals and how they use it for either work or living.

As you probably know we’ve discovered a fascination for pottery over the last few months so these top five images are by far my favourite which have all been taken inside Yoko Ozawa’s pottery studio, but I also really enjoy the natural imagery featuring greens against the light wood. I think these are all really great because of the lighting and the tones, they’re also very well framed and lead you right in with the focusing. Natural light is key and holds big value in film photography, these really play on that and give off some interesting shapes and shadows.

Olga’s work has been featured in various publications over the last few years and she’s really pushed collaboration with designers, musicians and artists to create images that show off their work and how they use their environment. I’m always interested in this sort of thing and I know many of you out there are as well so this is a perfect fit for the creative outfit that we have here. I’d recommend heading towards her website for more of this sort of imagery, really inspiring if I do say so myself.


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