Portrait photography by Jennilee Marigomen

I’m sure not everyone will be able to remember this reference point but I really enjoyed the imagery Jennilee Marigomen shot for the Neighbour store for autumn/winter last year. In a moment of pondering I thought I’d revisit the webpage of the photographer and see what else she had been up too, which eventually lead to me sharing this collection with you all now. This set is obviously less about the clothing and more about the personalities of the individuals but I enjoyed it all the same, as we get a glance of various creative individuals in quite a candid style.

I’m sure you’ll agree that Jennilee really does have an eye for catching an authentic scene, her talents are tailor made for the Canadian creative scene where she has photographed for Inventory, Roden Gray and popular indie band The Wooden Sky amongst others. The set we have here wasn’t presented together on Jennilee’s page but I felt her portraiture was the strength, so I scooped these up into one eye pleasing pile and bundled these into a collection for us all to enjoy.

I’m definitely curious to see if Neighbour opt to involve Jennilee in future shoots as the combination of the two parties was a great fit in my opinion. It’s refreshing to see new talent being offered opportunities to photograph some of the more well known menswear contingents in Canada, obviously Jennilee has used her earlier awards as a spring board for bigger and better projects. If you’re inspired by either menswear or photography I’d keep a beady eye on the portfolio of Jennilee, every visit to her page has impressed me.



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