Hedwig Bollhagen Workshops for Ceramics Photographed by Janne Peters

Today I thought I’d pick up some fantastic imagery taken by the ever so impressive German Photographer Janne Peters. Her works are very diverse in subject but she has a crisp and modern aesthetic that’s nice to see in this often cluttered world. I’m particularly fond of her neutral colour palette, the whites and dark greys always make for great viewing.

This series that I’ve picked out for this post is based on Hedwig Bollhagen, a German ceramist and co-founder of the HB workshops for ceramics. Hedwig is regarded as one of the legends of ceramic art and took a lot of inspiration from the Bauhaus movement, something many of the creatives we talk about have in common. She strived to make practical yet aesthetically pleasing products in her workshops, she didn’t want to succumb to the mass produced ideology that most were following at the time.

To this day the factory remains true to this philosophy and the HB workshops still produce simple, timeless, everyday china. This exact series of photography by Janne gives us an interesting look at the interior of the workshops and the different processes that may occur from start to finish. As you all know with photography it’s all about light, and this set has it in abundance! Superbly natural and some amazingly eye pleasing pottery to go with it, great to see all the parts of the factory that you wouldn’t usually get to see.

I’ve only picked out a selection that I thought represented the set so please make your way towards Janne Peters portfolio page for more, you’re sure to be blown away.



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