Moscow intervention – Experimental Photographic Works by Christine Erhard


Mixing mediums has been a strong theme here on the blog over the last few months, and I wanted to further this with the fantastic work of German artist Christine Erhard. Her creative process is quite unique, offering something that toes the line between art and photography. She starts by constructing models that are built for specific camera viewpoints, which is then dissected when another viewpoint is adopted. This disrupts to the point of cancelling out, leading to a lot of experimental and abstracted forms.

Inspired by abstract art forms and modernism, Christine’s new series has taken reference from Suprematist painting and other aesthetic expressions that developed in the Soviet Union in the 1920’s. Most feature architectural construction, some of which are buildings of the Soviet avant-garde, with the images being created to talk about the various aspects of Constructivism and their ideology of a “new way of living and a new aesthetic for society”.

Originally studying sculpture, Christine’s use of photography is mainly for documentation purposes. Over time she has become more interested in the images of the objects rather than the objects themselves. This now informs her work, intertwining the use use of drawing and collage and bouncing off many different mediums to get such a result. Ironically many of these Constructivist artist’s were active as painters, poets, graphic designers, photographers and teachers, so this also fits in with the overall theme. I hope you enjoy these and will go on over to her website to see more.








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