Stoneware and Ceramic Design Works by Ole Jensen

Some great minimalist stoneware and ceramic objects by Danish designer Ole Jensen. Usually I like the quirky independent pottery but Normann Copenhagen have produced some great objects over the years, for example check out Aaron Probyn’s cutlery, it’s an amazing set which makes me really envious and slightly ashamed that I don’t have some in my own kitchen.

Ole Jensen follows suit, he’s also a fantastic creative with a great eye for form and shape, and it’s quite interesting how his products function. I watched a few videos on his creation process and it gave me a new found respect for the development process as a whole, particularly this one where we meet the designer and get a glimpse into his creative world. We see him produce an object literally from scratch, from the drawing process all the way up to the potters wheel and the casting process. Maybe this will give you more of an idea of what he gets up to on a day to day basis.

Regarding these pieces that I’m showcasing today, which all come from the Familia collection produced by Normann Copenhagen, I’m going to touch upon the “warm dish” that you can see below in-particular. I think it’s a real classic looking item and looks highly functional, I love the idea of the pouring stout and the form is beautiful and different in shape as the size get smaller. It’s no surprise then that this is an award-winning design, made out stoneware it can literally be used for all sorts of occasions.

Over the years Ole has dabbled in other materials as well and now he’s really extended his product range to involve plastics and other durable materials like textiles. So I’m massively fond of what he’s doing and you can see the rest of his works on his portfolio website that’s placed below. For now I’ll leave you with a quote which I think summarises his ideals quite nicely. Enjoy.

“Ideas and materials are closely related. The idea takes its form only when working with the material. I only trust a particular form when I have touched it with my fingers. I am able to communicate with the producer as well as the end user through the particular object and I see myself as a fertile minimalist. Everything counts. Neither more nor less!” – Ole Jensen


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